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How does property management in Gilbert, AZ work?

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What are you hoping to get out of hiring a property manager?

If you are like most of our clients you want a quality tenant to move in to your property quickly and pay on time.

You also want a timely monthly check and a clear statement with no hassle.

Chances are you are also looking for the peace of mind that comes knowing that no matter what happens – from a burst pipe at 2 a.m. to an unforseen eviction – you have someone you can trust handling it in a professional and responsive manner.

We offer property management services in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Scottsdale and surrounding areas in Arizona.

If you are looking for quality service at a fair price we can definitely help. Join the many other investors who are glad they found us. Call us now at 480-336-2556.


Upon signing a management agreement we are able to coordinate virtually anything that needs to be done to get your property rent-ready, on the market quickly, leased out, and managed on a continuous basis.

Our quality standards also help to lessen the wear and damage to the investment property.

The following are some of the things included in our service offering at no additional cost:

  • Turning on utilities between leases
  • Hiring and supervising contractors and vendors to bring a property into rent-ready status
  • Registering your investment property with the county
  • Setting up the proper tax license for your investment property
  • Creating on-line advertisements for the property
  • Listing the property for lease on MLS for other agents to see
  • Posting and refreshing property ads on the highest-traffic rental websites
  • Answering all in-bound inquiry calls and emails relating to available rentals
  • Scheduling and attending property showings
  • Taking and processing rental applications on prospective residents
  • Sharing a resident applicant file with you and allowing you to participate in the approval decision
  • Negotiating lease terms with the resident
  • Conducting lease signing, collection of move-in funds and move-in property inspections with new residents
  • Hiring and managing vendors for on-going pool and yard maintenance if desired
  • Collecting monthly rent and tax payments from residents
  • Paying any expenses that arise in connection with the property
  • Preparing and delivering monthly and annual financial reports to you
  • Filing monthly city TPT tax reports on your behalf
  • Serving proper notices for lease violations
  • Initiating the eviction process when required
  • Negotiating mutually agreed upon lease modifications or cancellations at your direction
  • Testifying as a witness on your behalf in an eviction court case
  • Preparing and sending files on for collection (for balances outstanding after a lease ends)

Quality service starts with a quality team.

Mark Brower has lived in the Phoenix area since 1985 and has owned and managed single-family homes in the East Valley since 2000. Mark obtained a BS in Economics from ASU and completed his MBA from ASU as well.

Mark is passionate about real estate investing and believes effective management is the key to a successful real estate portfolio. Mark has experience in many facets of real estate including commercial brokerage, land sales, investment partnerships and management.

Mark Brower Properties seeks to employ innovative best practices to minimize Investor Losses commonly associated with real estate ownership while promoting a safe and satisfying resident experience for tenants. We aim to accomplish this through:

  • Effective use of technology to increase rent collections, increase response times to Owner and Tenant communication and to efficiently process maintenance requests
  • Aggressive marketing of vacant properties to reduce vacancy
    Thorough Tenant screening and careful Tenant selection
  • Employing experienced and friendly staff
  • We believe hiring a property manager is entrusting someone to run a business you own. We are business owners and know what it takes to maximize your returns while preserving the long-term value of the asset.
  • We look forward to earning and retaining your trust through our commitment to better service.
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