Getting your Home Ready for the Rental Market in Phoenix, AZ? Follow These Professional Tips

Getting your home ready for the rental market in Phoenix, AZ is an important first step in finding a tenant and maximizing the return you’re able to earn on your investment.


A thorough home inspection is important before putting the property on the market. You want to cover everything inside and outside of the property. Take a lot of photos and document the inspection with a video if possible. Open closet doors and inspect the finish on cabinets. You need to know what the home requires before a tenant moves in. There will always be some minor repair work that needs to be done, and taking care of those issues right away is essential when you’re seeking high quality tenants.


Ensuring your property is well maintained will help you find and retain outstanding tenants. Short term tenants cost money, so you want to do everything you can to keep good tenants in place. Taking care of maintenance issues quickly is one way to keep your tenants happy. So make sure everything is in good working order before the tenants move in and respond to their repair requests immediately once they are moved into the property.

Smart Upgrades

There’s no need to complete a total renovation before you put your property on the market. Instead of replacing all the carpet and completing a total rehab of the kitchen, make small changes that are affordable but appreciated. You’ll need to replace appliances and flooring eventually, so make those upgrades when it becomes necessary.

Wear and Tear

Providing a tenant with a home that’s in good condition will begin the tenant relationship on the right foot. If you don’t give your tenants a property that’s in great shape, they are going to be upset on the first day of living there and they’ll make long notes on the inspection report so that you can’t charge them anything when they move out. Anything you try to charge from their security deposit will be considered a pre-existing condition because you didn’t hand over a well maintained property at the time of move in.

When you keep your property in good shape at all times, even during the turnover period that one tenant is leaving while another is preparing to move in, your home will always be ready for the rental market. Contact Paramount Property Management and Realty if you need any help.