Screening a Tenant in Marietta, GA? Follow These Tips That Will Never Fail

To effectively avoid eviction and limit disputes, you need to conduct a careful tenant screening in Marietta, GA. When you take the time to examine a tenant’s background, you can be reasonably sure that you’re placing someone who is likely to pay rent on time and take good care of your home.

Credit Checks

A good screening process starts with the credit score. You can use this score to determine how much of a financial risk your tenant will be, and that can influence the amount of a security deposit you require. If you find the tenants have a credit score that is high enough for them to qualify for a mortgage, you can simply charge the equivalent of a month’s rent for the deposit. If the score is lower, you can ask for up to two months of rent for the security deposit. When you have a prospective tenant who has really bad credit, you can deny the tenant or ask for a co-signer in addition to the higher deposit.

Verifying Employment and Income

Make sure you check the tenant’s employment history and get a reference so you know they are currently employed where they claim to be. Look at pay stubs, tax records, or bank statements to verify income. You want them to earn enough to pay rent every month, otherwise it’s going to be a struggle to collect it on time.

Criminal Background Checks

Conduct a nationwide criminal background check to ensure you aren’t renting to someone with a history of violent crimes. You also want your background check to include looking at eviction history and examining public records. Law-abiding tenants usually come with fewer problems.

Always be consistent when you’re screening prospective tenants. Establish written criteria that you can share with applicants, which lists the things that are required for a tenant to be accepted into a property. You should also state what sorts of things would preclude an approval. You don’t want to be charged with violating any fair housing laws.

If you need help with your screening process, contact Avalon Property Management.

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