Fix it Today or Regret it Tomorrow – Maintenance Tips for Your Tampa, FL Rental

Every landlord will have maintenance issues to deal with, and your Tampa, FL rental is no different. Preventative maintenance is a good idea because it protects the value of your investment and ensures that you aren’t faced with large, expensive repairs that you don’t expect. When you notice a faucet is leaking, your budget will be better off if you take care of it right away so you don’t have to pay to clean up a flood in your kitchen down the road.

Pre-Move In Repairs

While you are getting your house ready for the rental market, make sure you have all minor repairs addressed. You don’t want your tenant to move into a property that has outstanding maintenance issues. When you provide a home that is in good shape, your tenant will understand that maintenance and keeping the property in good condition is important to you. If you care about these things, your tenant will as well.

Reporting Repair Needs

Ask your tenants to report maintenance problems right away. It should be easy for them to get in touch with you, so provide a 24-hour emergency telephone number or give them a way to request repair work online. You don’t want your tenants to delay in reporting these problems because you want to be prompt in repairing them. Once you know about an issue, take care of it immediately. Your tenants should not have to wait for weeks to get something fixed.

Regular Maintenance Calls

Schedule regular maintenance for the things you know will need attention. Your heating and air conditioning systems should be inspected and serviced annually. Clean out the gutters between seasons and make sure the batteries in your smoke detectors are working. In Florida, it’s very important to have regular pest control services. Periodic inspections of your property will ensure that all maintenance needs are being met.

Qualified Vendors

Working with vendors and contractors who are licensed, insured and great at what they do will help keep your maintenance costs and problems under control. It’s not a good idea to use a handyman for extensive work that requires a specialized set of skills. Establish relationships with vendors before you need them so they’ll be available during emergencies overnight and on weekends.

Make preventative maintenance a priority for your rental property. It will keep your tenants satisfied and ensure your property is protected. Contact Rent it Network if you have any questions about how to maintain the condition of your investment home.