Best Ways to Prevent Eviction in Your Sacramento Rental

The best way to prevent eviction in your Sacramento rental home is by doing a thorough and detailed screening before the tenant even moves in. The eviction process is expensive and time consuming, and it’s best to avoid it as often as possible. Make sure you get a good tenant who is able to pay rent on time every month and maintain the property’s condition and value. There are a few specific things you must do during the screening process to ensure you won’t have to evict.

Credit Check

The applicant’s credit score is a good piece of information to have, but take the time to look at the entire credit report. You’ll get a history of the applicant’s ability and willingness to pay bills on time, and you can decide whether the tenant is a good credit risk. If you come across an applicant with a lot of unpaid balances and a high debt limit that is unmanageable, you may be taking a large risk.

Employment Verification

Part of your screening process needs to be checking an applicant’s employment and income. Ask for documentation that proves what the tenant earns. Talk to the applicant’s employer or ask for copies of pay stubs. If your applicant is self employed, you can look at tax records. It’s a good idea to require your tenants to earn three times the rental amount or more.

Landlord History

Always talk to current and former landlords. Find out what kind of tenant this person was and whether rent was paid on time and the property was left in good shape. If the applicant was previously a homeowner, check the county records to confirm that a home was in fact owned. You don’t want to take that information for granted because an applicant may be covering up a bad rental experience.

It’s important to use data and facts during your tenant screening process, but pay attention to red flags too. If there’s anything that doesn’t sound right or seem honest, check it out further. To prevent evictions, you need a tenant who is reliable and trustworthy.

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