The Fast and Best Way to Handle Tenant Evictions in Atlanta, GA

Landlords don’t like to think about tenant eviction in Atlanta, GA, but you need to be prepared for the possibility that your tenants will stop paying rent. The way you handle the process will impact whether you can evict your tenant successfully or with a lot of frustration. Take these steps and don’t be afraid to ask for legal advice or property management advice if you’re not sure what to do next.

Tenant Communication

Before you head to court, contact the tenant and see if this is something that can be easily managed. Perhaps it’s just a temporary financial setback, and your tenant has every intention of catching up right away. You need to know if this is going to be a huge problem or something that you can work with.

Send a Demand Letter

Your next step is to send a demand letter to the tenant. Make sure you keep a copy of that correspondence in case you do need it later as evidence. The letter should include information about how much is owed, how far behind the tenant is with rent, and when you want to have the full amount paid to you. Send this letter via certified mail so you can prove that you sent the letter and that your tenant received it.

Hire an Eviction Attorney

It might seem expensive to have a lawyer help you with the eviction, but it’s worth it. If you make even a minor mistake, your eviction can be thrown out and it will take you longer to get your property back. That lost rent will add up faster than attorney fees. You can also hire an expert eviction service to help you.

Be Prepared
When you go to court, make sure you have gathered all the necessary documentation. This includes your lease, the demand letter you sent, an accounting statement that shows the missing rent, and any pictures you might have that demonstrate damage or neglect. You don’t want to assume the judge will be on your side. Georgia is a tenant-friendly state, and you need to prove that you’re right so you can get your property back and re-rented to paying tenants.

If you need help with evictions, contact Atlantic Property Management.

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