The Best Move-In Inspection Tips for Rental Property Owners in Atlanta, GA

Move-in inspections are an important part of protecting your investment property in Atlanta, GA. It’s your opportunity to document the condition of the home before a tenant moves in. You’ll protect yourself and your tenant when the lease is signed and the keys are handed over. Follow these important tips when you’re conducting the move-in inspection.

Move-In Inspection Form

You want to do the move-in inspection before the tenant moves in any personal property. Use a detailed and specific checklist so you can create notes and take pictures of the property. Document the interior and exterior of the home, and write down any existing damage. There might be paint chipping away inside a closet or a scratch on the floor. These things need to be noted so the tenants aren’t held responsible when they move out.

Before and After Photographs

Take good pictures of every room during the move-in inspection. You’ll compare these to the pictures you take during the move-out inspection. Photograph walls, floors, closets, and shelves. Every detail needs to be documented. It’s the only way to be fair when you’re charging the tenant’s security deposit at the end of the lease. Keep the photos stored in a digital format so they don’t get lost or compromised. You can use a flash drive or load them onto your online cloud program of choice.

Move-Out Inspections

After you sign and date the move-in inspection report (and the tenant, too), file it until it’s time for the move-out inspection. At the end of the tenant’s lease, you’ll inspect the property once the tenant has completely moved out. You’ll be just as specific and detailed as you were when you inspected before the tenant moved in. Look at the ceiling, floors, doors, appliances, interior, and exterior. Take just as many pictures. Then, compare the two reports. You’ll be able to see which damages occurred during the tenancy. You can use the security deposit to pay for any damages that are the tenant’s responsibility.

These inspections will help you eliminate the potential for tenant disputes when it’s time to return all or some of the security deposit. When you have photographs and descriptions, it will be difficult to dispute the findings. You’ll also have an easier time of preparing the property for the rental market, so you can have it ready for the next tenant.

If you have any questions about move-in or move-out inspections, pleases contact Atlantic Property Management.

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