Dealing with Bad Tenants in Your Houston, TX Rental Property? Follow This Eviction Process

There is no need to rush into tenant eviction in Houston, TX when you have bad tenants or tenants who aren’t paying rent. While you definitely want to get the process started right away, working with them can often be better for you than evicting them immediately. Turnover and vacancy are your biggest expenses as a landlord, and avoiding those things must be your priority. Bad tenants can become good tenants in the right circumstances, and you’ll be able to save yourself some money.

Tenant Communication

When tenants are consistently late paying rent, make sure you communicate with them more frequently. Call them on the phone and drive by the home to see if they are still there. You want to stay informed about what’s happening, and why rent isn’t being paid on time. Once you can confirm they are still living in the property, enforce your collection procedures. Charge late fees and keep calling your tenants until the rent is caught up.

Establish a Payment Plan

A payment plan is an excellent alternative to an eviction. This will prevent you from having to evict and lose money, and will allow your tenant to get caught up with rental payments. When both parties commit to a payment plan, it can work very well.

Texas Timelines

In some states, it takes six months to evict a non-paying tenant, which can become incredibly expensive for landlords. In Texas, the process is a lot faster. You can usually remove a bad tenant within 30 days, or maybe up to 45 days. The eviction process is rarely as expensive as the turnover process. That’s why it’s a good idea to work hard at avoiding eviction.
One of the best ways to avoid bad tenants is to do a thorough screening before they even move in. Background checks and landlord references can help you weed out the potentially bad tenants and leave you with renters who have a track record of paying rent on time. Bad tenants also avoid renting from homes that are managed by professional companies, so consider getting some management help.

If you need advice evicting a tenant or avoiding an eviction in Houston, contact Terra Residential Services.

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