Are You a Landlord Looking for a Vendor in Gilbert, AZ? Follow These Tips

When you are a landlord looking for a vendor in Gilbert, AZ, it can be difficult to know if you’re getting someone who is reliable, responsive and willing to provide a high level of service for a fair price. Professional property managers provide constant work to vendors and contractors, so it’s easy for us to get great discounts and insist on the best service. We have established relationships with professionals in their respective industries. Do some online research to find the best vendors, and ask for referrals.

Referrals and Relationships

Get referrals from people who are important to the vendor. If you need to repair a refrigerator or a dishwasher, call the appliance company and ask for a referral to a repair company. When you call to schedule work, you can let that repair company know that you got your referral from the appliance company. The repair contractors will want to maintain a good reputation with the appliance company, so they will be more willing to do excellent work and charge you fairly. You get the leverage that comes with accountability.

Check Online Reviews

Before you hire a vendor, check out what customers have to say online. This takes a little work because some businesses hire people to leave positive reviews. Get around this by reading up on the reviewers so you know for sure that they are legitimate customers. If they have reviewed only the company you are considering, it’s possible you’re not getting honest feedback. But when you find a reviewer who has left 20 other reviews on whatever site you’re checking, you know you can trust what that customer has to say.

Researching Costs

Make sure you’re being charged a fair price for the work you need. These prices can usually be found online, and you can compare what different companies charge. There might be some markup on parts or materials, and that’s normal. However, you don’t want to pay a markup that’s over 100 percent. Take the time to educate yourself so you know what you should be paying.

Establishing respectful working relationships with a team of vendors is important to your success as a property manager or a landlord. If you need help or want a referral, call a professional manager who can help you. You can always contact Mark Brower Properties if you have any questions.

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