5 Signs It’s Time to Evict Your Tenant in St. Louis, MO

There are many reasons for tenant eviction in St. Louis, MO. Some landlords think that tenants can only be evicted when they aren’t paying rent. However, you have the legal authority to remove your tenants for these five reasons.

Late or Missing Rent Payments

The most common reason to evict a tenant is for nonpayment of rent. If your tenant has not paid rent or is consistently late in paying the rent, you can legally evict that tenant from your property. You can also pursue an eviction when only a partial rent payment is provided. When you’re evicting for nonpayment, you want to get the process started right away. Otherwise, you stand to lose several months of rental income.

Policy Violations

Another popular reason to evict a tenant is when they don’t follow the policies that you include in your lease agreement. Perhaps a tenant is discovered smoking in the house even though you have a no smoking policy which the tenant has read and agreed to. Or, your pet policy prohibits vicious dog breeds, but your tenant has a couple of pit bulls in the house. These are legal reasons to evict your tenant.

Lease Violations

In addition to the policies that you have in your lease, the general terms of the lease also need to be followed. When your tenant breaches the lease, you can evict. Make sure you read and understand your lease completely before you evict a tenant for violating it. You will probably need to give your tenant the opportunity to correct the infraction before you move on to eviction.

Unlawful Activity

If you find that illegal acts are occurring at your property, you can evict a tenant immediately. Tenants who are selling drugs, hoarding guns and ammunition, or operating any sort of illegal commercial enterprise out of the home need to be evicted. You don’t want to put anyone’s safety or security in jeopardy.

Selling Your Home

Selling your home is another reason to remove your tenants. You’ll need to make some financial considerations to your tenant so they have the time and the resources to find another place to live, but if you decide to sell, there are steps you can take to get your tenants out of the property so the sale can move forward.

If you have any questions about how and when to evict a tenant, please contact Select Leasing and Management.

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