5 Reasons Investors Should Consider Buying Real Estate in Atlanta, Georgia

If you are an investor looking for excellent opportunities, the Atlanta, Georgia investment real estate market is a great place to consider buying. You’ll find a culturally vibrant city that has a number of neighborhoods and communities that attract great tenants and steady rental income. These are five of the top reasons to consider investing in Atlanta rental property.

Atlanta’s Location

People who live and work in the south know that Atlanta is the most important city in the region. Anyone who is raised in the south or graduates from a school in the south wants to head to Atlanta to find the best employment opportunities and the highest quality of life. The population of Atlanta is constantly growing and becoming more diverse. There is a great mix of people who have lived in the area for their whole lives and those who have just relocated.

Atlanta’s Business Development

Several high profile companies and corporations make Atlanta their home for operations and business activity. There are well-known Fortune 100 companies including Delta Airlines, NCR, Georgia Pacific, UPS and Coca-Cola who have major offices and warehouses in Atlanta. If you love fast cars, you should also know that Porsche has its American headquarters here.

Atlanta’s Technology

With General Motors making Atlanta its IT headquarters and several medical technology companies settling into the area, Atlanta is a center of excellence for Information Technology. There’s a stock exchange with IT consultants in the area and a lot of opportunity for high paying tech jobs.

Atlanta’s Housing Market

When you compare real estate prices in Atlanta with those in other major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Boston, you know you’re getting a deal. All sorts of homes from single family properties in the suburbs to urban lofts downtown are priced reasonably. This sets up investors for a great return on the properties they buy.

Atlanta’s Growth

A number of new projects are in the development phase in Atlanta. The Atlanta Braves are building a new baseball stadium and the Atlanta Falcons are creating a new football stadium. These complexes are expected to be complete by 2017. There’s a soccer team in town and the airport, which is the largest in the world, is expanding again. Residents and visitors enjoy the Human Rights Museum as well as the College Football Hall of Fame. Getting around the city is easy on the Atlanta Beltline and the Atlanta Streetcar Project.

It’s a good time to buy rental properties in Atlanta for these reasons and many more. Contact DKRentals.net for more information on how to invest in Atlanta real estate.


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