The 10 Must Have Skills of Property Management – Information for Landlords in Charleston, SC

Whether you are looking for professional property management in Charleston, SC, or thinking about managing your own rental property, preparation and skill are required. These 10 skills and talents are critical in an effective property manager.

Marketing and Screening

Strategic marketing and advertising will help you get your property rented quickly, reducing your vacancy time and saving you money. Take good pictures and list the property on the most popular rental websites. Screening tenants is also crucial. You need to know how to comply with fair housing laws while reviewing an applicant’s criminal history, landlord references, credit, and income and employment information.

Leasing and Inspections

Knowing where to find a strong lease is crucial to property management success. It should protect you, your tenant, and your property. Have a lawyer help you. Inspections are also important; document the condition of the home at move-in and compare it to the way the property looks at move-out. Take at least 200 photos of the home’s interior and exterior so there are no conflicts.

Collecting Money and Knowing the Eviction Process

Collecting money is a skill that landlords and property managers need. You’ll need to collect the security deposit and the monthly rent. If rent stops getting paid, the eviction process needs to be understood. This is an important part of management, and many legal requirements are part of the eviction process.

Maintenance and Move-Out

Maintenance will be required throughout the term of the lease. You’ll need to understand the difference between emergency maintenance, preventative maintenance, and routine maintenance. A good property manager will be able to conduct a thorough move-out inspection that identifies tenant damage and quickly turns the property over so it’s ready for the next tenant.

Security Deposits and Legal Knowledge

The tenant’s security deposit must be returned within 30 days of a tenant moving out. If you need to withhold money from the deposit, send an itemized list of the repairs that were necessary. It’s also important for a landlord or a manager to understand all the federal, state, and local laws that pertain to landlords, tenants, and rental property.

These 10 skills only begin to describe what it takes to be an effective property manager.
Whether you’re hoping to hire someone or you want to manage your own property, contact Charleston Property Management for help.

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